Surveys and Mapping / Cartography Section


The Surveying and Mapping / Cartography section offers surveying, mapping and land administration services to the public and KCCA Directorates. The Section partnered with the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development’s Kampala Ministerial Zonal Office (MZO) to deliver land services to the public.

  • Review and schedule land subdivision applications carried out by registered private Surveyors, for approval by the Physical Planning Committee's (PPC).
  • Verify reference, register and forward deed plans and area schedules to the Senior Staff Surveyor for processing. 
  • Carry out topographic surveys to guide planning and design of KCCA projects.
  • Investigate and report encroachments on public property in Kampala Capital City for development control.

Quick Facts/Achievements

  • Done topographic survey of 21acres of land in the City
  • Opened land boundaries and topographical survey of a minimum of 100 plots in the City.
  • Processed deed plans for schools and health centres.
  • Undertaken surveys for Resettlement Action Plan on Batch 1 projects and began procurement for pending land titles under the Kampala Institutional Infrastructural Development Project 1 projects.
  • Handling issues for lease extension under the Kampala District Land Board and opening land boundaries and topographic survey.
  • Resolving matters of encroachment within communities in at least 21 days.


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