Directorate of Public health services and environment

Dr. Daniel Okello
Director Public health services & environment

Mandate of the Directorate

The Public Health and Environment Directorate (PH&ED) has the mandate to facilitate and provide support to ensuring health and productivity citizens; and a clean, habitable and sustainable community for the city. The Directorate guides the Authority on the efficient management of public health and the environment.

Strategic Direction

PH&ED has defined its strategic direction to institute frameworks to proactively research and stem the occurrence and spread of communicable, acute and chronic diseases; foster health equity and nurture a healthy, conducive and sustainable community and environment. 

Core Functions of PH&E Directorate

The Core Functions include the following:

  1. Develop, monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the KCCA Public Health Legislation; and institute frameworks and standards to ensure the promotion of health and wellbeing of the community.
  2. Plan, conduct research, develop and monitor the implementation of strategies on epidemiology and disease control including emergency management, vaccination/immunization, testing treatment and health impact assessment surveys.
  3. Plan, set benchmarks and monitor the implementation of health and wellbeing promotion through periodic inspections and intensive health education.
  4. Plan and monitor the provision of efficient and appropriate health screening and treatment services at all the City Maternal, Child Health and Medical Health Centres.
  5. Plan, and monitor the implementation of the Environmental and City Ambience Management through the Water, Sewerage & Sanitation, Waste, Parklands, and Cemeteries Inspection and Management.

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