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Kampala Library and Information Centre (KLIC) also known as KCCA Library was popularly known as Kampala Public Library. It is one of the oldest public libraries in Uganda. It comprises two libraries i.e. the Adults Library and the Children’s Library. The Children’s Library is structured to serve the young population in the age bracket of 4 – 12 years old. Children in age bracket of 3-5 may be accepted on condition that they are accompanied by an adult. The Adult Library is structured to serve the population in the age bracket of 13 years old and above.

Currently, the Adult Library is located at City Hall (KCCA Headquarters) as the Main Library and will have branches decentralized to the Division Level in accordance with the KCC Act, 2010. The Lubaga Division Urban Council Public Library is one functional branch library.

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Payment to the Banks/PoSs is done first using the KCCA’s online payment platform here (https://ecitie.kcca.go.ug/portal/payment/ontr-payment/) in which process a PRN is generated for use in the Bank/PoSs. Contact the Library Information Desk or any member of the Library Team for further support. 

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