About Kampala Library and Information Centre (KLIC)

Kampala Library and Information Centre (KLIC), also known as KCCA Library was popularly known as Kampala Public Library. It is one of the twenty public libraries in Uganda. It comprises of two libraries; that is the Children’s Library and Adults Library. Children’s library is structured to serve population in the ages 4 – 12 years old (however children from ages 3-5 should be accompanied by). The Adults library is structured to serve the population from ages 13 years old and above; with collection geared towards high school students to professional specialties; and the general reading areas.

Currently, the library is located at the City Hall (KCCA Headquarters) as the main library, with branches of the Adult library decentralized to the Division Level. The Lubaga Division Urban Council Public library is one functional branch. Other Division Urban councils are yet to be extended. The main reason was the decentralization of library services to that it is nearer to, and within the population.  

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