Office of the Executive Director

Dorothy Kisaka, KCCA Executive Director
Dorothy Kisaka
Executive Director

Mandate of the Office of the Executive Director

To provide strategic guidance and monitor effective administration of the Authority as per Kampala Capital City Authority Act 2010

Strategic Direction

To build an authority   that delivers quality services to the people of Kampala with   an accountable and admirable corporate image

Core Function of the effice of the Executive Director

The core function of the office of the Executive Director as per KCCA Act 2011 include the following:

  1. To provide leadership to the Authority 
  2. To account for the authority’s business and resources 
  3. To Manage  public  funds  of  the  Authority
  4. Coordinate the implementation  of  National and council  policies,  laws, regulations, byelaws programmes  and projects
  5. Prepare and present  the Authority  annual  budget 
  6. Provide  technical advisory service   to the Mayor and  the Authority  on the  Government  policy and management of   the  Authority
  7. Review and monitor and oversee the delivery of quality  services to the population within Kampala
  8. Plan and monitor the physical planning and development control in the urban councils
  9. Monitor and coordinate the activities of the directories and the lower authority
  10. Act as the chief custodian of the Authority’s assets and information
  11. Promote trade and order in the city
  12. Mobilize the community for development and sustainability
  13. Take responsibility for the enforcement of ordinances and bylaws made by the authority and its lower councils.

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