Kampala Climate Change Action

The Kampala Climate Change Action Strategy is KCCA’s Roadmap to ensure the City’s development path takes a low emission approach, builds resilience and maximizes the co-benefits of efficiency, economic diversity and human wellbeing.  The Climate Change Strategy builds on the ambition of the Strategic Plan 2014 – 2019 to transforming Kampala City into an attractive, vibrant and sustainable world class City.


The climate change strategy also provides a framework for KCCA to contribute to the national and international ambitions on climate change response. By taking bold steps to mainstream climate change actions in its own services, KCCA is demonstrating its leadership at the local, national and regional level of what needs to be done to combat the global phenomena.


The initiative is supported by the French Government through Expertise France, French Development Agency (AFD) & French Global Environment Facility (FFEM) as part of the africa4climate programme. The strategy also integrates with other initiatives like the Climate Smart Capital Investment Plan and Ecosystem Services Valuation Exercisesupported by the World Bank.  

Please contact us on email: climatechange@kcca.go.ug

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