Directorate of Physical planning

Moses Atwine Kanuniira
Director Phy Planning

Mandate of the Directorate

The Directorate is responsible for planning, designing and managing City physical infrastructure including the zoning, land sub division and demarcating areas for   development. The Directorate guides the Authority on the urban design, infrastructural improvement and land development in the City.

Strategic Direction

The strategic direction   of the   directorate is   to design a system for guiding, monitoring, and enforcing developments in the city in line with the applicable laws.

Core Functions of Physical Planning Directorate

The Core Functions include the following:

  1. Plan and design the City physical infrastructure including the re-zoning, land sub-division and determination of the areas for development.
  2. Plan, conduct surveying and mapping, delineate the areas for social infrastructure, establishment of geodetic control, quality checks of cadastral jobs; and survey of City land boundaries, production and printing of topographical maps.
  3. Plan and monitor the surveying, valuation, registration and administration of Land in the City and manage resolution of land disputes. 

The Directorate oversees development across the City’s 5 (Five) divisions. It consists of five sections/units which include; Development Control, GIS, Landscape, Surveys and Mapping / Cartography and Technical Review Team. Other support Sections / units linked to Physical Planning are; Client Care and Land Registration and Administration.

The Directorate also cooperates with adjoining districts, municipalities or town authorities such as Kira, Mukono and Wakiso to ensure coherent policies across administrative boundaries.



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