Kampala Institutional and Infrastructure Development Projects (KIIDP)

This project is widening and upgrading roads and drainages in Kampala.  It also is easing revenue collection, house and road location. The project continues to improve urban mobility and inclusive economic growth.…. read more about the project



Five Ways Businesses are Benefiting from KIIDP 

Cities are the engine of economic growth – and infrastructure development is the fuel for that engine. The Second Kampala Institutional and Infrastructure Development Project (KIIDP 2) is widening and constructing city roads, drainage and associated infrastructure to improve urban mobility for inclusive economic growth.  It is also strengthening the capacity of KCCA to deliver on its mandate.  Through this project, the business community in Kampala is benefiting in the following five aspects;-

  1. The project has improved connectivity in Kampala by constructing wide roads with signalized junctions.  This has significantly reduced traffic jam, exhaust fumes and time spent commuting. In return, this is boosting productivity and businesses in the city, for increased economic growth.  Similarly, the environment is cleaner with reduced traffic fumes and the workforce is healthier.
  2. A number of roads are complete or nearing completion under this project. As a result, the value of properties along such roads have almost doubled to benefit real estate businesses. Meanwhile, well lit streets have improved safety and made it possible for businesses to work long hours. Furthermore, dust-free roads and built road drains have reduced the cost of damages to properties or goods for some businesses.
  3. The assessment of property in Kampala using a computer aided technique ensures that properties are empirically valued, revenue collection simplified and revenue generated increased.   This directly benefits businesses through improved services delivered by KCCA. Services range from road and drainage construction and maintenance, garbage collection, to street lighting in the five divisions of Kampala.  Other services include the provision of public health, education, social services and more.
  4. Businesses are benefiting from reduced cost of doing business through this project. The project has supported KCCA to become more efficient, making it easier for clients to pay taxes.  Some of the reforms relate to electronic and mobile phone payment platforms, as well as installment payment plans for businesses.
  5. It is getting easier to direct and locate premises or businesses in Kampala with newly installed street names and house numbers.  It is proven that properly labeled streets and buildings enhance marketing, and enables clients to easily trace businesses. In addition, businesses are seeing increased yields resulting from improved navigability by potential customers.



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