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New KCCA Road Lights Will Ease Traffic Flow
The Monitor, Editorial, October 10, 2017(extract)

 “.. Motorists and traffic police are happy with the lights that are on Kira Road in Bukoto, as well as those on Yusuf Lule Road near Fairway Hotel. This is why the erection of the traffic lights on that road, in a project by Kampala Infrastructural and Institutional Development Project (KIIDP - 2) to expand the road and place more traffic lights, is welcome. A taxi driver, Frank Ssemakula, pleased about the traffic lights in Bukoto, says: "These new traffic lights at Kabira have really helped the majority of us the motorists. It is, therefore, pleasant to see that some of these projects, which were likely on the plan for years, are actually taking off. The results are immediate. The Kampala Capital City Authority should therefore be applauded for this work and be encouraged to see to it that the works of KIIDP-2 are completed and on time."


KCCA, IRCU partner on city programs
The New Vision Newspaper, 28th July 2017 

The religious leaders, meeting with the executive directive of Kampala and a team of technical officers on Thursday, pledged to use their places of worship to sensitize worshippers to adhere to regulations and positive behavior.


Impressed by KCCA Responsiveness
Tweet by Bernard Mukasa, April 19, 2017
"Impressed by KCCA responsiveness. Entire Government could pick a leaf. Kira Road lights were dealt with within hours of tweeting about them" 


City Junctions upgrade to be done by December-Contractor
The Monitor Newspaper, March 16, 2017
Seven city junctions and road reconstruction to smoothen traffic flow are on course and are to be commissioned by December, the contractor China Railway Seventh Group said.  Mr. Joseph Darfur,  a senior environmental expert, World Bank, Nigeria hailed CRSG “I am satisfied and impressed that the contractor had done a good work.”  The Project Coordinator Charles Tumwebaze said “We have keenly supervised the contractor to ensure there is value for money, social and environment issues are addressed. …We are very satisfied with the contractor’s work.”

KCCA to start house numbering programme, residents to pay, NTV News, March 6th, 2017
Over the past 3 months, some streets and city buildings have been getting yellow address plates as part of a pilot project give numbers to all houses and plots in the city. KCCA’s director of physical planning, Moses Atwine, said the move will facilitate better planning of the city. Meanwhile KCCA ’s Director of  Revenue says  the authority was able to raise Shs85billion in revenue last year. The growth is largely attributed to property tax collections. KCCA’s target in the 2016-2017 financial year is to collect Shs112billion through its new aggressive policy to widen the tax base.


KCCA Sensitizes on House Numbering, By NBS TV - March 7, 2017
The Kampala Capital City Authority has started the implementation of a house identification exercise aimed at improving accessibility within the city.


KCCA starts house numbering, residents to pay, The Monitor Newspaper, March 7th, 2017
In a bid to ease navigation around the city, Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) is numbering roads, streets and houses by fixing numbered plates. The KCCA director physical planning, Mr Moses Atwine, said this new address model, shall be a requirement for one going forward to occupy his/her building.


KCCA hits 20% tax collection increment, The Insider, March 7th, 2017, By Johnson Thembo
In just two years, tax collections rose by 20% by end of the fiscal year 2015/2016. ..Fred Andema, Deputy Director Revenue Collection, KCCA said, “Revenue collection in Kampala city increased by 15 billion shillings (20% ) in two years by end of fiscal year 2015/ 2016. He said, “Even the current budgeted revenue estimates of UGX 112 Billion for the fiscal year 2016/17 is not adequate. We therefore need to undertake additional interventions to step up revenue collections.”


Facebook Post: KCCA: Thanks for the good work
Mukasa Diidi, February 19, 2017

Thanks for the good work, and a little more thanks to Mr. Charles the KIIDP 2 Project Head, He is an approachable man and resourceful. He was helpful while we chased our compensation and he never at anytime asked for any form of gratification in return,. Please if possible, let him know that the late Mbogo Family keeps him in prayer.


Letter to the Editor: Thank you KCCA for good roads
The New Vision, February 2, 2017

I commend Kampala Capital City Authority for the remarkable infrastructural improvements especially as far as the road works are concerned.  The rehabilitation and reconstruction of roads around Fairway Hotel and Kamwokya-Bukoto areas among others have given the city a new lease on life….


KCCA to set up traffic control centre


New Vision Newspaper, January 18, 2017
To improve traffic flow in the city, Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) has started embarked on the construction of a traffic control centre at the authority. The centre will feature advanced urban traffic ICT systems, said Ag. Director engineering and technical service, Justus Akankwasa.  The project coordinator KIIDP II, Charles Tumwebaze, said installation of upgraded traffic signals has begun and KCCA expects to complete it within two years. Peter Kaujju, the authority's spokesperson, in a statement issued by KCCA, said the junction improvement/upgrade process is intended to provide modern traffic control equipment which will ensure safety of pedestrians.


KCCA gets sh6b to construct six roads


The New Vision Newspaper, January 11, 2017
Government has given KCCA sh6.1b for construction of eight roads in the city as part of the third quarter release for FY 2016/17. Akankwasa hailed leaders and residents of Kulambiro ring road and Acacia Avenue for availing land for construction at no cost.  …Charles Tumwebaze said procurement will start in February 2017. David Semugooma also revealed that works on Mambule road are at 85%. 


Kampala to be floods-free by 2019


The New Vision Newspaper, January 11, 2017According to the newly released Kampala drainage master plan, the authority will prioritize improvement of main channels in the city. The acting director engineering and technical services, Justus Akankwasa, …said designs for the all drainage channels are ready and construction would commence in February. Charles Tumwebuze, the project coordinator said some of the roadside drains would be widened to provide easy passage of water.


KCCA to Start Work on Flood Black Spots


(Uganda Radio Network – distributor of news to radios country-wide), January 11, 2017


Construction of a 65-kilometer drainage system in Kampala starts next month thanks to a successful flood master plan update for the city.  KIIDP Project Coordinator Charles Tumwebaze says that channels will be worked on after a detailed study on the problem and general solutions to the flooding. He says the flood master plan, was updated in December last year. Justus Akankwasa, the Director Engineering and Technical services at KCCA noted that the project will also see several roads constructed, adding that with better roads comes better drainage. He says since areas like Kulambiro and Acacia Avenue have given the land for free, KCCA will start working on their roads while others come later. Akankwasa said, “Compensation for right of way and drainage construction is still a major bottleneck.”


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