Services offered by KCCA.

The Authority is mandated with provision of services in the city that enable residents and businesses operating in the city function in an environment that supports development.

Youth and Community Development

Over 50 per cent of the population of the city is below 18 years. In recognition, the council has developed programs for the youth that are geared towards creating awareness of the youth’s needs, empowering the youth with knowledge, skills and resources to enable them be self reliant through IGAs and contribute to development by connecting them to employment opportunities, encouraging them to participate in civic or community affairs, empowering them to participate in sporting activities, and taking up leadership roles.

Other services include raising the youth’s awareness about their roles responsibilities and life skills, raising the parents’ awareness of their roles and responsibilities regarding youth’s needs and concerns


To be a Vibrant, Attractive and Sustainable City


To Deliver Quality Services to the City

Core Values

Excellence, Integrity, Innovativeness, Teamwork and Client Care

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