Events calendar

  • New Year's Day

    January 1st, 2018

    New Year's Day

  • Archbishop Janani Luwum Day

    16th, February 2018

    Archbishop Janani Luwum Day

  • Easter Monday

    2nd, April 2018

    Easter Monday

  • Labour Day

    1st, May 2018

    Labour Day

  • Martyr's Day

    3rd, June 2018

    Every year, June 3rd, when most of the martyrs were killed, is marked as a national holiday in Uganda. It is also marked worldwide on the church calender as a day to honor the Uganda Martyrs.

  • National Heroe's Day

    9th, June 2018

    Uganda National Heroes Day honors all those who sacrificed themselves to better the lives of the Ugandan people.

  • Kampala City Festival

    7th, October 2018

    Hitting its sixth year, the biggest street party in East-Afrika is a signature brand that draws multitudes to Kampala every October to celebrate culture, innovation, unity and social life.

    It’s a highly anticipated moment for revelers to share, learn and network while acting as an economic engine for companies, organisations and small businesses to flourish.

    With Kampala in a constant state of change and regeneration, the festival projects the image of the City as a happy, cultural and warm place to be while promoting positive change to its public realm.

    Every first week of October, Kampala becomes animated with flamboyant sights, vibrant sounds & lively rhythms in concert with an array of floats winding through the streets with dancers on show as they spin, whirl & twirl to mesmeric beats of celebration along the festival route. Along with savory aromas of roast and drinks at your disposal, enjoy electric vibes by sensational artists of diverse genre entertaining you, your family and friends at no cost.


  • Independence Day

    9th, October 2018

    On this day people of Uganda celebrate to commemorate its freedom from British rule in 1962. Ugandans celebrate Independence Day with celebrations in different parts of the country as well as other parts of the world where Ugandans have organized different events to mark the day.

  • Christmas Day

    25th, December 2018

    Public Holiday

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