Strategy and Business Management

Image: William Epiaka
William Epiaka
Deputy Director Strategy and Business Management

The Strategy Management and Business Development department has the mandate to conduct research and champion strategy development and execution. The department guides the Authority on project development, overall strategy development and   implementation to improve   service delivery in the Authority.

Strategic Direction

Strategy Management and Business Development department has defined its strategic direction to develop vision, mission core values and strategic objectives that guides the operation of the Authority.

Core Functions of Strategy Management and Business Development Department

The Core Functions include the following:

  1. Plan,  and conduct  research   that will be used in the development of   the Authority’s   business strategy
  2. Champion  the development of  the Authority   business   strategy   in line with the  Authority’s mandate
  3. Develop project proposals,  Solicit for funding  and monitor  the  implementation of the  projects  in line with KCCA  mandate and  strategic objectives
  4. Design and monitor the implementation of procedures and tools for project execution and management in line with the project requirement
  5. Develop  action  plan  for the Authority  and guide  its implementation   in line with the Authority mandate  

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