Events & Activities

Community Reading Tent (CRT)

The library regularly organizes CRT in the communities as a drive to make the reading and literate materials available to especially the underprivileged communities within the City. It is normally organized in rotational basis to cover all the five administrative Division Urban Councils within Kampala city. The focus is to interface, inspire and invoke the literate and creative potentials deep inside these communities. It is organized and equipped for all age groups within the community.

School mobile library

The library came up with a project of making reading materials available to the pupils in their schools. This arrangement is being pioneered by our Children’s library section.  The participating schools are chosen and contacts made on commitments. The library lends out a considerable volume of the collection to the library for a specified period, usually two weeks to the school; after which the collection is received back and taken to another school and the cycle continues.

School Day visit to the library

Under this arrangement, the Children’s library establishes contacts and willingness of primary schools within and around the City to bring their pupils to the library for a given time period and for a reasonable number of pupil; accompanied by at least two school teachers. The pupils are engaged through a number of literacy activities such as Read aloud, Silent reading, Storytelling, educative games, paintings, summary writing, etc. both in groups and individual platform – with competitions and awards for winners to encourage the sense of commitment  and team spirit among the young ones.

DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) Day

DEAR Day has been integrated into the government programme recently, when it was officially launched at Our Adult’s library in February, 2015 by the Uganda’s State Minister for Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology & Sports Hon. John Muyingo.

It is slated for 5th March - Every year where everyone drops everything and is convened to a 30 minutes engagement with a readable material. As a library, we are at the forefront to coordinating and mobilizing stakeholders to uphold to the day by engaging their communities into constructive unique way of learning new things through reading. From primary and secondary schools within the City, to the KCCA offices, DEAR Day is a pertinent event where everyone takes part in the programme that has been approved.

Training and Capacity building for School Librarians/Teacher-Librarians

The library, in its effort to promote reading habit among the school going children, has geared the focus effectively empower the school staffs who interfaces with the pupils. This is aimed at equipping especially school librarians or teacher librarians within the City with professional and creative ways of interesting pupils into coming and utilizing the resources available in the library as a way of initiating their desire for reading  and so literacy development. These staffs are chosen by their school or institution’s heads to participate in the capacity building workshop. 

Spelling Bee 

Development partners