PUBLISHED — 28th, February 2024

Government Chief Whip, Denis Hamson Obua, embarked on a significant engagement today as he paid a courtesy visit to the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Executive Director, Dorothy Kisaka.

The meeting, held at City Hall, was marked by discussions aimed at fostering deeper understanding and collaboration between the government and the city administration.

In his remarks, Obua underscored the importance of familiarizing himself with the operations of strategic government agencies, including KCCA.

He emphasized the need to establish robust networks to facilitate seamless information sharing, particularly in instances where questions about KCCA arise in parliamentary sessions.

"When I’m at parliament and they ask questions about KCCA, I should be able to get answers and respond immediately instead of waiting," stated Obua.

Expressing his commitment to supporting KCCA in achieving its goals and aspirations, Obua emphasized the significance of boosting the capital city's capacity to deliver essential services to its citizens.

"Kampala being the capital city needs much more support to deliver services to the citizens," he remarked, highlighting the imperative for governmental support to enable KCCA to realize its vision.

During the meeting, the Deputy Director Public and Corporate Affairs Simon Kasyate provided insights into KCCA's operational structure, services offered through various directorates, and the challenges encountered in fulfilling its mandate.

Obua expressed gratitude for the comprehensive briefing, noting that it has equipped him with the knowledge to confidently articulate matters concerning KCCA in parliamentary deliberations.

In closing, Obua rallied for collective contributions towards serving the nation, urging all stakeholders to play their part in supporting institutions like KCCA.

The gathering was attended by key KCCA figures including Director of Legal Affairs, Frank Rusa, and Deputy Director Governance Ruben Kamoga, among others.

As the capital city strives for progress and development, such engagements serve as crucial catalysts for realizing its ambitions and aspirations.

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