Project Beneficiaries

The primary project beneficiaries are the residents of Kampala city, especially the urban poor who will have access to regulated faecal sludge collection and transport (FS C&T) services. Kampala’s urban poor, estimated at 60-65% of the city population, will access improved sanitation services and its associated benefits, including but not limited to: reduction of accumulated FS in the environment, reduced disease epidemics, reduced costs of treating health problems related to inadequate sanitation, improved productivity due to reduction in disease incidence and less time spent to access improved services.

The Project is also envisaged to alleviate pollution impacts due to indiscriminate discharge of faecal sludge into the environment. Some of the critical ones include; water pollution, disease epidemics and other social economic impacts of poor sanitation. The Project has the potential to realise positive health, educational and environmental outcomes in beneficiary communities; thus, enhancing the City’s environmental quality, public health and socio-economic competitiveness.

Development partners