Waste Collection and Transportation

In Phase 1, the city was subdivided into 7 collection zones (see attached map).To date, procurement of companies that shall be in charge of collecting and transporting waste (from the various zones) to the landfill was completed and PPP agreements with the successful concessionaires were signed (between 11th and 16th June 2015). These are the only companies that have exclusive rights to collect garbage in these areas These concessionaires are:



M/s Kampala Solid Waste Management Consortium:

3 and 4

M/s Homeklin (U) Limited

5 and 7

M/s Nabugabo Updeal Joint Venture

Kampala Integrated Solid Waste Management Collection zones map

There have been emerging issues in the implementation of the collection concession contracts. These main issues are highlighted below and the solutions being implemented



Solutions being implemented


Over charges

Contract stipulates UGX30,000 for premium services (3 bags per week) and UGX3000 per month for bring-to-truck services. Concessionaires advised to assess each client objectively depending on how much garage they generate.


Different premises are charged varying amounts

Concessionaires in collaboration with KCCA field teams continue to sensitize people that some premises generate more garbage than the others thus the need for different charges.


Irregular collections

Contract managers have been appointed to enforce clauses of the contract regarding collection schedules


Lack of information especially for new political leadership

Funds for sensitization have not been provided yet, but DPHE has previously sensitized previous political leaders using other sources of funding.

Funds for sensitization of leaders and the public needs to be availed.


Indiscipline of the concessionaire’s staff

We continue to advise clients to report any complaints to the contract managers. The contract provides for penalties in case the concessionaire does not address the complaints



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