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English: Loquat-leaved fig.

+ Tree Species

Ficus saussureana

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+ Ecology

Native range is West Tropical Africa to South Sudan and North West Tanzania. It is found in forests, often at edges, riverine or at lakesides; 900–1600 m.

+ Description

Tree up to 20 m tall with wide-spreading crown.


LEAVES: Evergreen, Simple, Alternate/spirals.

FLOWERS: Showy fragrant white flowers, just below leaves.

FRUIT: Fig yellow-orange/reddish. 

+ Uses

Edible: fruit. https://plants.jstor.org/stable/10.5555/al.ap.upwta.4_316

An ornamental tree.

Agroforestry: bark is used as fodder for animals.

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+ Remarks

The tree is an epiphytic strangler.

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