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English: Carrot tree, Cabbage tree: Luganda: Kinulangombe, Kimulyangimbe.

+ Tree Species

Steganotaenia araliacea

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+ Ecology

S. araliacea occurs over a wide range of altitude, but is abundant in low-altitude woodland or on rocky outcrops. It’s a plant of the dry to moist tropics, where it is found at elevations from near sea level to over 1,800 metres. It is an exceptionally drought-resistant plant, but it can also be grown in areas of high rainfall so long as the soil is very well drained.

+ Description

Carrot tree is a small, aromatic, deciduous tree growing 2 - 7 metres tall

BARK: yellow green or grey, rather waxy and peeling off in papery strips or rectangles.

LEAVES: pinnate, crowded towards branch ends, aromatic; leaflets 2-3 pairs on a leaf stalk about 10 cm long with an expanded base around the stem,

ovate, to 5 cm, sometimes stalked, margin toothed.

FLOWERS: small, green-white, in rounded compound clusters at twig ends. 3-7 long stalks arise together; each further bears a crown of small heads (umbels) about 8 cm across. Stamens are longer than petals in male flowers.

FRUITS: cream-brown, dehiscent, and flat, heart shaped to 12 mm, winged each side with 3 ribs.

+ Uses

Medicine: Stem-bark, roots, leaves. http://tropical.theferns.info/viewtropical.php id=Steganotaenia+araliacea

Agroforestry uses: sometimes grown as a hedge, used in soil conservation projects, leaf litter enriches the surrounding soil, the tree casts a light shade and is often intercropped with banana, cacao, coffee etc.

The odorous leaves are used for scenting garments.

The tree trunk is reported to have snake deterring activity.

The twigs are used in dental care as toothbrushes.

The white wood is used in making farm tool handles and implements.

Tree parts are used as fuel wood

This lovely tree often flowers and fruits when leafless. It makes a good garden plant because of its adaptability.

+ Propagation

Seeds, cuttings.

+ Management

+ Remarks

When crushed, the leaves have a carrot-like aroma hence the name carrot tree.

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