PUBLISHED — 1st, March 2024

Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Executive Director Dorothy Kisaka wrapped up her division tours and staff engagements with the final engagement at City Hall where she emphasized the importance of teamwork and quality service delivery in achieving the city's vision of being vibrant, attractive, and sustainable.

Kisaka, during her visit to Divisions, reiterated the significance of unity among KCCA staff members, emphasizing that the organization's strength lies in its ability to work cohesively towards common goals.

She was accompanied by directorate heads, and the Director of Human Resource and Administration, Grace Akullo.

Kisaka underscored the need for individuals to contribute their skills and talents towards improving the city.

"We are bigger than our differences," Kisaka stated. "KCCA hires the most skilled and talented people. We want to see people working to improve this city."

Highlighting the importance of leadership presence, Kisaka assured staff that she will always maintain communication and engagement with them.

She emphasized the theme of teamwork and urged the staff to ignite the spirit of togetherness to propel Kampala towards progress.

Central to Kisaka's message was KCCA's vision of a vibrant, attractive, and sustainable city, which she encouraged the staff to actively work towards realizing. She reminded them that every task undertaken by KCCA should be executed with a commitment to quality service delivery.

Kisaka has visited all the five division of the City that include; Kawempe, Nakawa, Rubaga, Makindye and Central division.

However, amidst the encouragement, Kisaka also issued a warning against laziness and lack of teamwork among staff members, urging them to take pride in their work and strive to be exemplary team players.

Akullo, echoed Kisaka's sentiments, emphasizing the importance of bridging the gap between the central administration and the various divisions.

She stressed the need for collaborative efforts in fulfilling KCCA's mandate of providing quality services to the city.

Kisaka’s tours signifies a renewed commitment to teamwork and quality service delivery within KCCA, as the organization continues its mission to make Kampala a vibrant, attractive, and sustainable city.​

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