PUBLISHED — 24th, February 2024

Her Royal Highness Inhebantu Jovia Mutesi of Busoga Kingdom hosted the women of Busoga to a royal banquet event known as Ekiiwulo Kya Inhebantu.

Held at Igenge Palace in Bugembe, Jinja City, the event marked a significant milestone being the queen's first public function since her wedding three months ago.

The occasion was graced by the Kyabazinga of Busoga Wilberforce Gabula Nadiope, who celebrated the invaluable contributions of the women under the Neyendeire Development Initiative (NDI) towards the development of Busoga.

NDI, led by the Kampala Capital City Authority Executive Director Dorothy Kisaka is a consortium of different women-led village development and morality instilling groups, that was first launched by First Lady Janet Museveni in 2015.

This initiative equips women with essential skills in child rearing, education, food security, agriculture, and primary healthcare, aiming to empower grassroot households with economic stability and hygienic practices.

Kyabazinga Gabula lauded the initiative's commitment to empowering women and fostering socio-economic growth within the region.

He emphasized the importance of unity in the pursuit of Busoga's development and extended gratitude to President Museveni for his support to the Kingdom.

The event commenced with Inhebantu engaging in demonstrations on traditional agricultural practices, including the planting and harvesting of staple foods like sweet potatoes (Emboli) and matooke.

She also demonstrated how to sort and pound groundnuts (amaido).

These activities, deeply rooted in the cultural fabric of Busoga, serve not only as a celebration of heritage but also as educational opportunities for the region's youth.

In her address, Inhebantu outlined the core principles essential for strengthening families in Busoga, emphasizing the importance of family leadership, food security, hygiene, and education.

She urged the community to embrace their cultural identity and work collectively towards combating poverty.

Inhebantu accepted to become the patron of Neyendeire as she embarks on the journey to contribute to the transformation of Busoga.

The Prime Minister of the Busoga Kingdom, Dr Joseph Muvawala, echoed the sentiment of progress, declaring Busoga as a dynamic force driving towards prosperity.

He highlighted upcoming initiatives aimed at environmental conservation, including a tree-planting project supported by King Gabula.

Dorothy Kisaka, the leader of NDI, extended her heartfelt appreciation to the monarchs for their steadfast support and reaffirmed her commitment to uplift families and communities throughout Busoga.

Through NDI's efforts, a cooperative society (sacco) has been established, offering accessible credit facilities for individuals interested in small-scale entrepreneurial ventures.

The women group could not leave the palace without gifting their new patron, the Inhebantu. They offered her household items, food and a cow among other gifts.

The event concluded with a luncheon symbolizing a shared commitment to the advancement of Busoga.

As the echoes of celebration lingered in the air, it became evident Mutesi's reign heralds a new era of progress and unity for the Busoga Kingdom.​

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