PUBLISHED — 15th, February 2024

Kampala City leaders and key stakeholders, in the implementation of the Parish Development Model (PDM) have today gathered at City Hall to discuss issues revolving around policy changes, fund disbursement mechanisms, and the program's impact on communities.

The meeting, held to ensure alignment in strategy and execution, highlighted the government's commitment to facilitating financial inclusion and alleviating poverty through the PDM initiative.

Various stakeholders were present, including RCCs, OWC coordinators, Town Clerks, NRM chairpersons, Ward Administrators, and the PDM secretariat among others.

The meeting referenced crucial policy directives, including Cabinet's decision in March 2022 to allocate revolving funds through government financial institutions and the subsequent directive in July 2023 to utilize the mobile wallet system, WENDI, for fund disbursement to PDM beneficiaries.

The directive to Post Bank, Housing Finance Bank, and Pride Microfinance to facilitate the onboarding of PDM SACCOs onto the mobile wallet system and provide necessary support was reiterated.

The adoption of WENDI was underscored for its transparency, convenience, financial inclusion, and reduced transaction costs.

Additionally, the need for a robust agent network and adequate float to enhance accessibility and utilization of WENDI by users was emphasized.

The disbursement of PDM funds to beneficiaries in Kampala started in November 2023 and at least sh9.7billion has been disbursed to 97 parishes.

An update on fund disbursement in Kampala revealed substantial progress, with 91 percent of funds already dispersed since the first release in November 2023.

The remaining disbursement is scheduled for the following month, reflecting the government's commitment to timely and efficient allocation of resources.

Dorothy Kisaka, the Executive Director of Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), emphasized the importance of unity and coherence in implementing the newly introduced policy changes.

Attendees deliberated on the effective utilization of funds and ensuring they reach the intended beneficiaries.

Godfrey Ssemugooma the Director Financial Management Services at the Ministry of Finance Planning and Economic Development expressed his ministry’s readiness to release further funds for the PDM, emphasizing the imperative for successful implementation.

He said despite challenges such as limited banking infrastructure in certain districts, the adoption of digital solutions like WENDI aimed to overcome such barriers and ensure widespread access to financial services.

Highlighting specific disbursement figures, where otable allocations were made to parishes across different districts, signifying the nationwide reach and significance of the program in uplifting communities from poverty.

The meeting concluded with commendations for the progress made thus far and a reaffirmation of the collective responsibility to ensure the success of the PDM initiative.

Stakeholders reiterated their commitment to transitioning communities into a thriving money economy and emphasized the importance of data-driven decision-making through the Parish Development Management Information Systems (PDMIS).​

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