PUBLISHED — 22nd, January 2024

In a move towards decentralization and community accessibility, the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Valuation Court conducted its sessions at the Elyon Nursery and Primary School in Mutungo Parish, Nakawa division.

Chaired by Samuel Muyizzi Mulindwa, the court, vested with powers akin to a Magistrate's court,is dedicated to resolving issues related to property tax concerns.

Since its inauguration in 2022, the Court has taken a groundbreaking step by bringing its sessions to the grassroots level, allowing residents to actively participate in addressing property tax matters.

The venue for January 22, session welcomed Mutungo residents eager to voice their concerns and seek justice.

One of the key features of the Valuation Court is its potential to revise tax rates based on the merit of complainants' arguments. This mechanism aims to ensure fairness and justice for property owners who believe they have been unfairly taxed.

Paul Mugambe, the Mayor of Nakawa Division, commended KCCA for its initiative in bringing the Valuation Court closer to the people.

He emphasized the importance of delivering justice and fairness to property owners who may have borne the brunt of unjust tax burdens.

Mugambe particularly highlighted the challenges faced by those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and advocated for a reassessment of houses occupied by the elderly.

Addressing the court, Mugambe urged that the proceedings be as free and fair as possible, emphasizing that the goal should be for people to pay their taxes with a sense of understanding and goodwill.

"We want the court to consider the unique situations of our residents, especially those who were affected by Covid-19. Additionally, we need a reevaluation of houses occupied by the elderly, who deserve to be treated fairly in these matters," Mugambe asserted.

During the session, Muyizi took attendees through the procedure for filing objections at City Hall, empowering them to navigate the legal process effectively. The community members expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to have their concerns heard at the local level.

As the KCCA Valuation Court continues its mission to provide accessible justice and address property tax issues, its presence at the community level promises a more inclusive and equitable system for residents of Kampala.


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