PUBLISHED — 15th, November 2022

Christmas has come early for Kampala City frontline workers. On Tuesday, the frontline workers received an early festive delivery of food items that was promised to them during the Frontliner’s Appreciation Day, on October 12.

This large army of frontline workers includes; gardeners, street sweepers, drainage cleaners and the garbage collectors. Others are the Traffic Wardens and law enforcement officers.

In partnership with Mandela Millers, the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) offered 10,000kg of maize flour which was handed over to by Robert Bashasha the head of marketing Mandela Group.

Dorothy Kisaka, the KCCA Executive Director while receiving the food, applauded Mandela Group for its unending support to the Authority activities.

“We are so delighted to see Mandela Group coming on board to support our unsung heroes. They do a great job to keep the city clean and smart, but rarely get recognized,” Kisaka said.

Kisaka blessed the frontline workers for their continued commitment to cleaning the city, foregoing sleep in the morning to ensure the city is smart.

“You have done a great job in the city may God bless you. We want to call upon more business people to support you and teach you on how to engage in business and build your saccos,” Kisaka said.

The workers were also given Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) by Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) that included helmets, gloves, gumboots and reflector jackets.

“We are one team, let's be united and work together. In the next budget we are lobbying for better pay and we know government will support,” Kisaka said,

She called upon city dwellers to take responsibility of keeping the city clean, by avoiding littering the streets and dispose of the garbage properly.

Herbert Bashasha the head marketing Mandela Group, said the frontline workers are unsung heroes who need to be celebrated by all city dwellers.

“Imagine one day without these people turning up to clean the city. We will not wear these suits in a dirty city,” Bashasha said.

He thanked the frontline workers and KCCA for promoting the smart city and promised more support.

“On behalf of our group we want to thank you very much. You are like the unsung heroes. But we are planning for you, something bigger than this,” Bashasha said.

With most of the sweepers and cleaners being women, Bashasha revealed that Mandela Group is considering a special appreciation for them.

“Every day you find very old ladies sweeping the road. Special thanks to these women and ladies. We have something special for those women at a later stage,” Bashasha said.

He asked them to enjoy the maize flour donated to them and not sell it.

“Go have a taste of our supreme brand. Don't sell the food,” he said.

Every morning, frontline workers wake up long before dawn and walk quietly to different stations in the city to work. They sweep the roads, clean drainages, cut the grass, pick up the waste and generally keep the city smart. They repeat the same work in the evening.

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