PUBLISHED — 4th, August 2020


Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) reminds the public that it is an offence to carry out any development on land without development permission as provided under the Physical Planning Act, 2010 and the Public Health Act cap. 281.

The Physical Planning Act, 2010 provides that an illegal development shall be halted and the site restored to its original state. KCCA is currently carrying out routine enforcement activities to ensure compliance with all regulations that ought to be followed before and during the carrying out of any development. As a result, some developments have been halted and sites restored.

The owners of non-compliant sites are served with an enforcement notice as required under the Physical Planning Act, 2010 and the Public Health Act cap. 281 with its regulations indicating a period within which to regularize. Where a developer does not utilize any of the above options, KCCA will proceed to undertake her mandate.

The public should note that all costs incurred during the enforcement are recoverable from the offending developer and that it is an offence to obstruct enforcement activities. KCCA shall not hesitate to prosecute offenders.

KCCA shall ensure that all development conforms to the provisions of the Physical Development Plans and safeguard the Public against any eventualities that might arise from illegal developments.

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