PUBLISHED — 2018-09-21

Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) took part the WeGO Smart City Week from September 17th-20th September, 2018 organized by The World Smart Sustainable Cities Organization (WeGO) signing two major pacts bringing support to Kampala. We Go is an international organization of 130 cities with the mission to promote and facilitate the transformation of cities to Smart Sustainable Cities worldwide.

The areas of partnership penned by KCCA’s Executive Director Jennifer Musisi include cooperation and inter-city exchanges in the fields of urban solutions, construction, smart city solutions, science and technology, creative industries, tourism, educational and other areas to support shared prosperity and development of both cities.

The event was comprised of two main programs, the Seoul Digital Summit in partnership with the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Smart City Summit Asia 2018 in partnership with the Korea Ministry of Land Infrastructure and Transport.

The Seoul Digital Summit and Smart City Summit Asia 2018 featured roundtable discussions hosted by the Mayor of Seoul, where the Leaders from around the world and heads of global IT companies shared their visions, challenges, innovative solutions, smart city frameworks, policies, and citizen participation for smart sustainable cities.

During this event, KCCA established two partnerships and signed Memorandum of Understanding;

1.    Kampala Capital City Authority signed the Memorandum of Understanding with the City of Seoul, the Republic of Korea established on friendship and cooperation.

Building upon their friendly relations which have existed for many years, the City of Kampala and the City of Seoul have entered into the Memorandum of Understanding established on friendship and cooperation to further develop and promote a wide range of areas in which both sides are interested in for mutual exchange and benefit.

In order to enhance the understanding and friendly cooperation between the two capital cities, the City of Kampala of the Republic of Uganda and the City of Seoul of the Republic of Korea have agreed to establish a Friendly City relationship.

2.    Kampala Capital City Authority signed the Memorandum of Understanding with the Seoul Startup Hubs (SSH) established on the Promotion of Global Advance in Startup Ecosystem.

The established partnerships shall promote bilateral cooperation and promotion of global advance in startup ecosystem between Kampala and Seoul.

“We are grateful that the two cities have established relations that will strengthen and foster innovations as well as access the SSH’s resources like the mentoring programs, investors, working space, prototyping and equipment among others,” Musisi said.

The partnership will also facilitate start-ups in both cities including sharing start-ups enterprises information, sending delegations, holding seminars or conferences, etc.

Mutual consultation between the parties about accelerating program for start-ups who want to make businesses in Uganda and South Korea respectively.

KCCA toured various implemented innovations in the field of science and technology, shared experiences, the know-how of launching and operating youth start-ups, smart parking garage fully equipped with the smart parking tools including the Point of Sales machine to facilitate Cash, Transport Cards, credit cards payments, CCTV Cameras to monitor the parking space including the vehicles status and the sensors to send data about the parking slots status.


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