KCCA Computerizes and Eases Access of Land Records

PUBLISHED — 27-Jul-2017

Access of land records is being made easier in KCCA. A new exercise where all land records are captured electronically for easy retrieval started in Mid-July, 2017.


What this means for our clients is that you will enjoy an improved turnaround time in processing land related applications. Secondly, this computerized system will also curb any loopholes that may give room to unethical practices.


The Head, Client Care, KCCA,  Atwebembeire Maureen explained the benefits of computerizing records saying, “Developers that seek to submit their building plans proposals to KCCA for consideration will be in position to acquire a search statement in just a day.”  “This exercise will eliminate 95 percent of the factors that previously caused delays in processing documentation. Our ultimate objective is to give our clients timely and quality services,” she said. 


The Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban development sent a team of 35 officers including land registrars, Intake, scanning, data entry clerks and records officers to reinforce the existing team that has been working at the lands office KCCA in implementing the computerization of  land and building records.


KCCA further reassures the public that the Client Center will continue receiving land and building plan applications.  A dedicated team is in place to action transactions amidst this demanding computerization exercise. It is anticipated that there may be some delays clients may experience during the next two months while the computerization process uploads backlog files.  However, this inconvenience will be outweighed by the benefits the system brings once the computerization exercise is completed.


Furthermore, the KCCA Client Center team has proactively notified its clients of this ongoing exercise.

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