PUBLISHED — 01-Feb-2017

Existing Contracts


Kampala Capital City Authority signed contracts with three concessionaires including Nabugabo Updeal, Home Clean Uganda and Consortium Uganda in 2016 as a way of improving waste collection in the city.

We have received a lot of complaints especially from a number of private collectors and hence the need to revisit the matter.


Grace Period

KCCA has decided to extend the grace period so that all companies continue to work as we assess their capacity and legal documentation in line with the required standards for collection and transportation of waste in the city. This grace period shall be for three months (From 1st Feb and 31st March 2017).

During this period, KCCA is going to carry out a two-phased assessment and establishment of operational standards.


Phase 1 assessment

Conditions to be satisfied prior to issuance of trading licenses

A company should be a  fully registered enterprise with Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB)

The company should have a valid Tax Identification Number (TIN)

The company should have a physical address which the KCCA inspection team shall physically visit/ verify.

A company to should have a NEMA license as stipulated in the National Environment –Waste Management Regulations.

There should be evidence that the company dumps its waste at Kiteezi. Aspects to be looked at are consistent and reasonable tonnage delivered to Kiteezi.

Phase 1 assessment shall be completed in 1 month.


Phase 2 assessment

This phase shall include assessing the capacity of each waste collection company to enter into a subcontract with the authorized concessionaire of the zone (of their choice). This phase shall include the following:

All companies that have existing contracts with particular clients shall be required to avail copies of these contracts to KCCA for assessment. This will enable KCCA to ascertain the most suitable areas/parishes for the subcontracts and also facilitating the negotiating the terms with the respective concessionaire.

KCCA will facilitate the negotiations between the concessionaire and the interested companies.

KCCA will draft standard subcontracts that will be agreed upon by both parties (concessionaire and the interested companies).

KCCA will assess the capacity of each proposed subcontractor to collect waste from the area agreed upon. The assessment shall include the following

Capacity and ownership/lease arrangements and availability of the trucks

Conditions of the trucks including aesthetics, SGS certification regarding mechanical condition (as required by Ministry of Works and Transport)

 Availability of personal protective wear for all the workers and the associated Health and Safety guidelines.



KCCA has decided to give an opportunity to registered and licensed companies with the required capacity to work under a subcontracting arrangement with the concessionaire.




For any enquiries, please contact us on | Call 07946660003/0794660025 and get speed updates via our Social Media hub; @KCCAUG

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