Project Key Results To-date


Roads and Junctions under construction or nearing completion are: 


  1.  Fairway Junction – one signalized traffic light junction
  2. Kabira Junction – one signalized traffic light junction
  3. Kira four lane Road– two signalized traffic light junctions
  4. Mambule two lane Road
  5. Bwaise Junction– one signalized traffic light junction
  6. Makerere Hill four lane Road – two signalized traffic light junctions and one signalized pedestrian crossing
  7. Bakuli-Nakulabye-Kasubi  four lane road – three signalized traffic light junctions



The project has updated the Kampala Drainage Master Plan.  Similarly, designs for priority drainage channels are ready for construction work to commence. A stretch of 65 kms of drainage construction is planned around Kampala.  The key channels include:


  • Lubigi  channel
  • Kinawataka channel
  • Kansanga channel
  • Gaba channel
  • Nalukolongo channel


Significant progress has also been realized in the following project activities:


  • Multi Modal Urban Transport Master plan is being developed.
  • The automated register for all properties and roads in the city is going on.
  • Naming of premises and roads within the city is in progress.
  • The Revenue Management System in KCCA is now streamlined for efficiency.



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