The Wall of Shame
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The individuals listed on this wall are those who are found doing unpleasing acts in the city. Lets work together to keep our city clean.

This garbage truck was not carrying but re-distributung garbage on the northern bypass!
Author: Anonymous
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KCCA WALL OF SHAMEShame!: Throwing Banana peels on the road

This person was seen in the act throwing out a banana peel (circled) on the road. Please lets keep Kampala city Clean
Author: Anonymous
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KCCA WALL OF SHAMEShame!: Shame that KCCA has not taken action on noisy bars

Its really a shame about Drinking Pubs / bars, mostly located in residential areas that continue to emit un acceptable noise levels, beyond the acceptable limit and time. And that KCCA and NEMA, continue to take no action against them. It is understandable if these bars were located in non-residential areas, but those in residential areas, where we have school going children and people who have to wake up early for work, its really unacceptable . Examples of the most noisy ones include the following:For example in the Bukoto area1- Alfredo's in Bukoto, near our place, this makes noise till morning2. Hunters Bar - Mukalazi road, in Bukoto (known for playing very loud music up to 4am, every day)3. Blue ginger, near Engen petrol station in Bukoto4. Capital Night and Beer gardens (though I understand these have since reduced on the noise)I am sure the story is simillar in so many other residential areas around the city. KCCA please do something!!Regards;Angela . N.
Author: Anonymous
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KCCA WALL OF SHAMEShame!: Reckless, Indisciplined & Inconsiderate KCCA Drive

This KCCA guy driving a brand new Ford Ranger Single Cab truck (UAR084Y) decided to overtake a long line of cars in Naalya (early morning jam). However, using the oncoming traffic lane like this always causes a lot more problems and such drivers should be severely punished.
Author: Anonymous
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KCCA WALL OF SHAMEShame!: Walking on the green belt

Some people are so blind that they cant see the warning. Please keep off the grass.
Author: Anonymous
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