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The individuals listed on this wall are those who are found doing unpleasing acts in the city. Lets work together to keep our city clean.
KCCA WALL OF SHAMEShame!: Illegal Structure in Makindye

This developer is putting a wall fence in the middle of the road on Kizungu Lane, Makindye on the road to former president Late Binaisa's residence, just 200m from the main road off Gombolola HQ. Honestly this is not a slum. This also proves that despite having money, people still have slum mentality in their bones. Instead of beautifying the place the man is completely lost. Madam Musisi, please handle this personally. Concerned residents.
Author: Anonymous
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KCCA WALL OF SHAMEShame!: Pavement parking

While agents of KCCA are busy arresting those who park on pavements and sometimes extorting money from them, it is perturbing that the KCCA people are not showing the example. They continue to park on pavements as and when they want. Who will set the right example? Or do we have to request the ED of KCCA to also allow us arrest her staff in the cruel and inhumane way we see them handle other city dwellers?
Author: Anonymous
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KCCA WALL OF SHAMEShame!: k.c.c.a officials extorting ugandans on yusuf lule

Hello my names are said mugisha! On monday morning, I received a call while passing by garden city shopping mall, so I immediately parked my car on the opposite side on the pavement to receive it, but no sooner had I parked than 3 men, with yellow kcca uniforms surrounded my car, while I was on phone, one of them ( mubiru isma 00480) quickly entered my car, told me how I was to be fined 500,000, two other men entered my car, afraid I informed this particular mubiru, I was answering a call to avoid a traffic offence! He refused and with his colleagues, threatened me, and kept trying to extort money from me…they even have the nerve of making you sign an apology letter of you accepting your mistake and them letting you go at no cost, when u agree to pay their bribe, I parted with a sizeable amount just to get them out of my car! I ask k.c.c.a why don’t they put traffic signs along yusuf lule road, saying no parking by k.c.c.a so that my fellow Ugandans who park their cars to answer phones don’t fall victim to apparent thugs who put on K.C.C.A uniforms. their apparent leader sits right opposite the exit of garden city shopping mall. i shall take a photo next time.Thank you.
Author: Anonymous
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On Tuesday morning I was driving down Yusuf Lule Road when I received a phone call. I packed on the pavement opposite Garden city to answer it. Immediately 3 KCCA officials appeared and got into my car. They told me that I was not allowed to pack a car on the pedestrian pavement. I understood my mistake, but was it necessary for 3 men to forcefully enter my car to inform me of this? Even after apologizing I had to part with a sizeable amount to get these men out of my car. Is this kind of MAFIA like behavior the way KCCA field officials work?
Author: Anonymous
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KCCA WALL OF SHAMEShame!: Pothole covering whole road in Ntinda Industrial A

At first is was a pot hole in the road and now as you can see it is a road in a pot hole.We know you guys at KCCA are on the way to doing something about it but please do let it be soon.
Author: Anonymous
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