The Wall of Shame
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The individuals listed on this wall are those who are found doing unpleasing acts in the city. Lets work together to keep our city clean.
KCCA WALL OF SHAMEShame!: Children are not cows

Shame on these parents
Author: Anonymous
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KCCA WALL OF SHAMEShame!: Reckless Driver- UAN 758A

The Driver of this truck UAN 758A a tipper aka Magulu Kumi just end the main road from Bulamu onto the Kira- Namugongo road. When I asked him why he was reckless he just abused me in Luganda that I am like bums. What can we do for such irate drivers? He was a young man. I wonder why owners of these bug trucks give them to young lads.#TGE#
Author: Anonymous
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KCCA WALL OF SHAMEShame!: Septic Tank in a Road Reserve

The proprietor of these commercial shops was found constructing a septic Tank in a Road reserve at Kyanja Trading centre.
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KCCA WALL OF SHAMEShame!: Kiteezi Residents

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KCCA WALL OF SHAMEShame!: Garbage Dumping

This couple was found dumping Garbage in a trench along Kisaasi - Kyanja Road in Nakawa Division.
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