The Wall of Shame
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The individuals listed on this wall are those who are found doing unpleasing acts in the city. Lets work together to keep our city clean.

We need our people to stop littering. The clogged water ways cause such incidents when it rains in Kampala. This was around Clock Tower recently when it rained heavily in the city
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KCCA WALL OF SHAMEShame!: City rains

Last Thursday a few hours of rain left our city in this state.
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KCCA WALL OF SHAMEShame!: Recklessness irresponsibility in City

The owner of this Car thought to be a person of high profile, today rammed over a Boda boda Cyclist carrying a woman and a child along the By-pass and Sped offShame!!!!!
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KCCA WALL OF SHAMEShame!: Picking garbage at peak hours!!!

This truck was collecting grass during traffic flow peak hour!
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KCCA WALL OF SHAMEShame!: Children are not cows

Shame on these parents
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