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The individuals listed on this wall are those who are found doing unpleasing acts in the city. Lets work together to keep our city clean.
KCCA WALL OF SHAMEShame!: UAU404J - Throwing garbage and litter on the road

UAU404J was caught throwing ffene left-overs on the road near the Kiwatule Post Post at the underpass. Silver Harrier. Shame on You.
Author: Anonymous
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KCCA WALL OF SHAMEShame!: Toyota Corona UAJ 083P.

The Traffic officers here apprehended a one John Kazoora, for knocking down and injuring my grandmother. This man was found drunk and without a driving permit or third party in his Toyota Corona UAJ 083P. Be careful
Author: Anonymous
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Littering at malcomx in kololoShame upon you.
Author: Anonymous
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KCCA WALL OF SHAMEShame!: The Executive Director

This truck knocked a solar light on Kabakanjagala rd. just opposite the entrance to Twekobe. it was last Saturday 12th December 2015 about 12.00pm. Hope you catch the culprit and they pay for the damage.
Author: Anonymous
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KCCA WALL OF SHAMEShame!: Private developer

The KCCA plan approvals have become a night mare! The requirements keep on increasing to the bewilderment of individualdevelopers. From environmental impact assessment, soil testing, topographical maps, location maps, interconnecting roads etc..the list is endless. it has given chance for frustrated customers to take it what you want!
Author: Anonymous
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