Water Hygiene and Sanitation

  1. Kampala Water and Sanitation Forum

The overall objective of the KWSF is to streamline coordination of stakeholders in developing an integrated WASH sector through collaborative exploration of prevailing challenges, identification and efficient allocation of available resources, enhancing opportunities for synergy and learning networks, and building on existing and emerging innovations to enhance sustainable interventions to achieve the total sanitation and universal access to clean and safe water targets in Kampala City.  The strategic objectives of KWSF include;

  1. Develop a network for WASH actors to optimize coordination of planning, implementation and efficient resource allocation
  2. Develop and support of a citywide integrated hygiene education/promotion strategy for up-scaling public health and environmental management
  3. Identify and streamline standards for appropriate technologies and  operational guidelines for fecal sludge management
  4. Provide a citywide strategic framework to operationalize and enforce public and household sanitation legal guidelines 
  5. Support citywide coordination of WASH infrastructure development, operation and maintenance
  6. Enhance capacity building and knowledge management of the city WASH sector

The KWSF has four working groups

Working Group 1:
Hygiene/ public health education and promotion, chair:

Working Group 2:
Appropriate technologies standards and business development, chair:

Working group 3:
Knowledge management and learning, chair:


Working group 4:
Governance, Legal and Policy Advocacy, chair:

At present KCCA has organized four forums with funding from Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

Development partners